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Book Signing

On Saturday, the 18th, I will be at Brace Books & More in Ponca City, Oklahoma, signing Skip to the End and Noah Knows from 1-3 in the afternoon. If you’re nearby, be sure to stop in! Brace is a grand little bookstore, packed to the gills with books and gifts; you’re sure to find something you like.

New Poetry Book Cover

Here’s the cover for the new poetry book, Cover Me:

Let me know what you think!

New Poetry Book

Stay tuned for a new release!

Cover Me will be my fourth book of poetry, but its focus is a bit different. Whereas my previous books we concentrated on what I would call the soul, this one focuses on the spirit, and is centered around the Almighty and my relationship with such.

I hope that the new book encourages and uplifts. It will be released within the next few days.  Here is a sample of one of the poems:

Benevolent universe
infinite light
hold me together
keep me aright

help me to trust thee
teach me to live
walk me in wholeness
and wholly forgive

all of my frailty
my anger and fear
as I also pardon
the ones far and near

who cause me to stumble
and shake me within
open my lips now
to once more begin

to sing of your praises
unknowable worth
spark yet within me
a holy rebirth.


Noah Knows Cover

So the Kindle version of Noah Knows got a shiny new facelift…

I’m pretty excited about it because I feel it captures the soul of the book a LOT better than the original did. Am working on getting the paperback cover changed as well, so stay tuned.



Noah Knows News!

After MUCH travail and gnashing of teeth on my part, NOAH KNOWS IS NOW AVAILABLE and ready for purchase here! The price is higher because making the print bigger made the entire book longer; more pages, more money. I still think it’s affordable, however. IF YOU BOUGHT A COPY of the unreadable version, PLEASE contact me at my email address (sandyfeet (at) beautifulheritage (dot) com) and I will send you a FREE COPY of the new version, complete with autograph if you want it! Thank you all for your patience and support.


With some sorrow, I have decided to take Noah Knows off the proverbial shelf until the font size and several errors can be fixed. I hope to have it back and better than ever soon. Thanks for your patience.

New Year, New Novel

VERY excited to announce that Noah Knows is now in print for your enjoyment.  Noah Knows, previously published in installments here on Ye Olde Blogge, is complete and entire in paperback at the low, low price of $7.99 plus free (Prime) shipping. Click here to order your copy today!



Skip to the End Available on Kindle through Amazon

So I have published my first novel, a contemporary romance called Skip to the End, on Kindle. It should be available for purchase as a paperback within a week. For now, get it for $2.99 and get to reading immediately! You can check out the first couple of chapters by clicking on the “look inside!” button on top of the book image. Here’s the jacket copy:

“Madeline King is twenty-two, independently wealthy, and living a life of luxury on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. She never planned to fall in love but when a family with twelve children vacations on the beach where she lives, her best laid plans come undone. The eldest–good-natured and dependable Reuben–captures her eye, and before long, her heart. But can Madeline, bipolar and prone to flights of fancy, handle a relationship with someone “normal”? Her best friend, the brooding Nick, questions the wisdom of her getting involved, but are his doubts for Madeline’s good, or does he have his own reasons for keeping her away from Reuben?

Skip to the End is a gritty, human tale told from the perspective of one for whom each day is a struggle, but who is learning that life is a journey worth living and love is a risk worth taking. Laced with humor and philosophy, Madeline’s story will resonate with readers who enjoy the unpredictable and quirky.”

Let me know if you read it, and, more importantly, if you like it! And let me just say, I’ll love you forever if you post a nice review. If you don’t feel comfortable writing a review (and not everyone does), then there’s the option of just filling in the *stars* portion of the review process.  It’s fairly simple and takes just a few moments, but would mean the world to me!

Get the book HERE.

This and That

So I’m going on Friday to Austin to read my poem aloud before I have no idea how many people. I’ve never done something like this before, so I am NERVOUS. Here is the poem that’s going into the anthology…I’m trying to memorize it so I don’t have to have a paper in my hand while I’m reciting it.

The Moon

The moon is tangled in the trees
abandoned there by autumn breeze;

she cries aloud but no one knows
the noise above the sound of crows

all rising now to take their flight
against the winter’s lonely night.

I stand and gaze upon her face
and understand the words she says:

her terror of the coming frost,
her sorrow at the dreams she lost,
her fear of beauty fading fast
her knowledge that no joy can last
her vision dimming with the dawn,
her freedom being all but gone.

Her halo spreads like arms aloft
beseeching to once more be tossed

upon the sea of atmosphere
away from grounded woe and tears.

But wedged in branch and caught in leaf
the wind is but a bitter thief

to leave the precious, lovely thing
a bauble on a broken string.

Slight Change of Direction

So I unfolded and shook out the fantasy novel I wrote and got really excited rereading it. My brother Matthew has been helping me put some humor and extra description into it, and I believe it will be the next great SFF story, I really do. Here’s my synopsis for it:
“Andrew and Rose Bradford try hard to be a normal retired couple, but when the forces of the Otherworld come calling, they find them impossible to resist. Crossing the United States in their Winnebago Brave with a pregnant mermaid queen, they encounter myriads of creatures both mythical and theoretical, all in various predicaments that need the peculiar and specific talents of the couple.
When Ba’algrim, the great but banished god of the gnomes, threatens to rise back up and take over the world, Andrew and Rose find themselves in almost over their heads. With trusty blades (and the occasional poundcake) in hand, however, they find the power to defeat the monster and restore order to both the Otherworld and their own.
Hello World! is a rollicking tale with memorable and endearing characters that will live on in the imagination of the reader. Fantastic encounters set against the backdrop of modern-day America will thrill fantasy aficionados, as well as anyone who loves a good adventure story.”
What do you think? If you read such a description on a book jacket, would you want to read it?
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