The old is gone
the new has come
yet helplessly I cling
As unconvinced
as ever was
that new could hope to bring
The same large hope
the same relief
as what the past contained
And so I grip
I strain and grasp
and beg it to remain
But past is dead
a useless thing
bereft of hue and cry
And if I can’t
find solace now
then pitiful am I
No better than
a shrouded corpse
decayed behind a veil
Yet I am here
with time for now
and truth may still prevail
Within my heart
I hear a cry
that echoes through my soul
The sound of which
ignites my blood
and bids me to be whole:
Let go the crisp
And brown remains
Of roses long since past!
Let go the empty,
bitter dregs
within the aging cask!
Let go and fling
your arms out wide
the universe contains
of better fare
than past’s meager remains!
I open wide
my burdened hand
release what went before
Refuse to let
fear of unknown
keep me behind the door
for there is yet
a vision left
and journeys still to take
I’ll forge ahead
find happiness
within the dreams I make.