There’s nothing left to say
it seems
and nothing left to do

There’s nothing left to dream
in dreams
yet nightmares spring anew

Where is the rescue
swift and sought
to purge my heart and mind

What nimble fingers
pluck the knots
and tangled threads unwind

For hope is but
a plaited cord
that binds these ready hands

Which, given freedom
would dispatch
this soul to other lands

No bird is that
within my breast
cajoling me to stay

But dragon with
a dragon’s breath
to melt my feet of clay

So bind this brain
and have it raised
aloft in yonder tree

Then set the curséd
thing ablaze
as tyrants ought to be

For with a plague
of ceaseless wars
its reign has ushered in

A darkest night
devoid of stars
which never has an end.