The fetal form
I held that day
Opened slit-mouth
I heard it say

“Take up this word
And prophesy
To every nation
By and by

For I was living
And now am dead
And so shall all
Whose feet do tread

This mortal sphere
Of ash and bone
We live together
We die alone

Listen to me
I never breathed
Nor saw the light
Nor you bereaved

And yet I know
That all things pass
The last be first
The first be last”

I lay the form
from my own womb
beneath the ground
so now entombed

Yet still the words
ring in my ears
though it has been
so many years

and heavy lays
the mantle now
I want to speak
I know not how

the fight has been
so full of pain
the comfort brief
the joy a strain

And faltering
has been my path
here in the grey
of aftermath

but still I hope
and yet I trust
in something more
I will; I must.