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Month: October 2019


Shattered bones
Slice through skin


Pain like fire
loud cries for help
burning hot tears
that no one
would think to hide.

Shattered souls
slice through hearts


Pain like fire
silent cries for help
burning hot tears
that no one
would dare to show.

Bones not set
grow twisted and grotesque

Hearts are the same.


There was a place
so small and dark
and faint did light intrude
and though I thought
it all in all
it was but interlude

I had whate’er
my soul could want
and never thought for more
my simple mind
could not conceive
that there was much in store

But then one day
oh how the fear
did grip my naive heart
as everything
began to change
and new things had to start

I cried aloud
for mercy wept
and struggled to be free
yet ever more
did change abound
in vain I sought to flee

Then lo, the light
it grew quite vast
as old things fell away
I found the new
larger than last
and blessed this better way

Where sight and sound
and taste and feel
were so much greater known
that I was glad
to leave behind
the vessel where I’d grown

And someday soon
I hope and pray
things will change yet again
though I may fear
yet will I know
that new life will begin

As here the husk
of old and grey
will lie, abandoned, fled,
so will I rise
with greater view
and leave behind the dead.


She lived tempest-like
with clouds in her eyes
and rain at her heels
and when she passed through,
the debris of his heart
littered the ground
(he said)
things seemed greener
sky scrubbed clean and blue
air fresh and sweet
and so he found himself
caught up in her turbulence
wound round and round her center
from the heady winds she blew
(he thought)
perhaps he was not so unlike her

after all

it takes a special kind of
to chase a storm.

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