There are
breaches that can’t be repaired
bridges that cannot be crossed
darkness that will spurn the light
words whose meanings long are lost

whose oozing edges bleed
while scorning aid that’s close at hand
desert places parched and dry
that no amount of rain can stand

A heart,
once broken, always weeps
help is little, and always late
I stand and pound on barred window
and mourn before a padlocked gate

My voice
Is broken, faint and dim
within the darkness echoing
pathetic messenger at best
a dove with useless, shattered wing

No time
Is left for second chances
fate has spoken all in all
the hourglass can’t be up-righted
the final grain of sand will fall

And so
I stand, a bitter warning
etched upon the thoroughfare
“Watch your step, if this way coming
broken hearts are littered there”