Get out of bed
reach for the suit
step in and zip it up

enclose the heart
so no one sees
and all day keep it shut

make smallish talk
throughout the day
pretend that all is good

do not let on
smile prettily
just like a nice girl should

oh Normal Suit!
my Normal Suit!
how you protect me well!

without you here
to have and wear
t’would be a living hell

for time’s a crook
and life’s a bitch
without you all would see

that I’m a fake
and nothing’s real
as it’s supposed to be

for ugly is 
the face of truth
and hideous the teller

and so I’ll stuff
my truest self
into my heart’s deep cellar

oh Normal Suit!
my Normal Suit!
you’re never, ever tearing

and when I die
you can be sure
that you’ll be what I’m wearing.