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Skip to the End Available on Kindle through Amazon

So I have published my first novel, a contemporary romance called Skip to the End, on Kindle. It should be available for purchase as a paperback within a week. For now, get it for $2.99 and get to reading immediately! You can check out the first couple of chapters by clicking on the “look inside!” button on top of the book image. Here’s the jacket copy:

“Madeline King is twenty-two, independently wealthy, and living a life of luxury on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. She never planned to fall in love but when a family with twelve children vacations on the beach where she lives, her best laid plans come undone. The eldest–good-natured and dependable Reuben–captures her eye, and before long, her heart. But can Madeline, bipolar and prone to flights of fancy, handle a relationship with someone “normal”? Her best friend, the brooding Nick, questions the wisdom of her getting involved, but are his doubts for Madeline’s good, or does he have his own reasons for keeping her away from Reuben?

Skip to the End is a gritty, human tale told from the perspective of one for whom each day is a struggle, but who is learning that life is a journey worth living and love is a risk worth taking. Laced with humor and philosophy, Madeline’s story will resonate with readers who enjoy the unpredictable and quirky.”

Let me know if you read it, and, more importantly, if you like it! And let me just say, I’ll love you forever if you post a nice review. If you don’t feel comfortable writing a review (and not everyone does), then there’s the option of just filling in the *stars* portion of the review process.  It’s fairly simple and takes just a few moments, but would mean the world to me!

Get the book HERE.


  1. Will it be in print form?

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