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Month: May 2016


I want to do the great big things
that startle and amaze,
that turn the world upon its ear-
cause all to gape and gaze.

I want to do the major works
that echo throughout time,
that beat a tempo of their own
within the banal rhyme.

I don’t want repetitious things
that never seem to end;
The road that travels straight and long
with never any bend.

I begged my god for broader scope
upon which I could dwell.
He said “just take this little thing
and learn to do it well.”

I yearned to be the big event-
the grand-finale close-
He filled my life with day-to-day
and told me “I’m in those.”

“You ask to be a bigger part
but you don’t see my view.
If you would truly know my heart–
The little things are huge.”

flight risk

when things
are going well
the pull
to be gone
is strong.

when all
is balanced
it’s there.

the pain
never goes
it gnaws
at the marrow.

and the
idea of death
is one that
and soothes
and beckons.

when I
can see
the myriad
to stay

when things
look fine
the desire
to fly away


Some wounds are plain
when we do fall
requiring help
and seen by all

Some wounds we hide
deeply within
let no one see
let no one in

and we don’t want
to seem too weak
remedies shunned
no help we seek

Forgoing care
all logic flout
smiling brightly
while bleeding out.

The Normal Suit

The normal suit
it hangs just there
within your bedroom closet
we all have them
you know the one
no one has ever lost it
just step into
the normal suit
each morning as you rise
no one will care
or ever know
that it’s a great disguise
don’t be yourself
don’t let them see
the true self underneath
for if you do
they’re sure to laugh
and leave you in your grief
oh normal suits
sweet normal suits!
that help us through the day
they make us smile
when tears are close
and give us words to say
like “I’m just fine!”
and “nothing’s wrong”
if anyone should ask
they cover well
from head to toe
and each comes with a mask
Oh normal suits
sweet normal suits!
they only cost your soul
come put them on
they fit so fine
if falseness is your goal.

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