April is National Poetry Month! For a poet such as myself, that’s cool news. In honor of the esteemed event, I will be posting a poem per day here on my blog. Check in to see what sort of genius transpires! Here’s the first:

Writing is good
writing is fine
writing well borders
upon the divine
you can write in the morning
or even at night
you can write what is heavy
or that which is light
you can write what is fiction
or that which is true
you can write your memoirs
and hope no one will sue
you can write on a keyboard
or with a good pen
you can write in a coffee shop
or a deep, wooded glen
just write, and keep writing
no matter the thought
you will stand amazed
at the thing you have wrought
for writing is life
it makes my heart sing
no matter what else
writing’s the thing.