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Month: February 2016


There are things that
you never get over

like first kisses
and last words

the way the sun glints
off the ocean

salt air on your lips
the feel of sand on toes

the scent of an infant’s
soft downy head

laughter that bubbles
up from deep within

the taste of a picnic
on a green meadow

a painting of a cottage
by Van Gogh

the sound of violins
in Vivaldi’s spring

birdsong in the
early evening

the view from beneath
the one you love

his strong shoulders
the shuddering embrace

the whispered promise
the welcome release

the wholeness that comes
from knowing
you belong



Slight Change of Direction

So I unfolded and shook out the fantasy novel I wrote and got really excited rereading it. My brother Matthew has been helping me put some humor and extra description into it, and I believe it will be the next great SFF story, I really do. Here’s my synopsis for it:
“Andrew and Rose Bradford try hard to be a normal retired couple, but when the forces of the Otherworld come calling, they find them impossible to resist. Crossing the United States in their Winnebago Brave with a pregnant mermaid queen, they encounter myriads of creatures both mythical and theoretical, all in various predicaments that need the peculiar and specific talents of the couple.
When Ba’algrim, the great but banished god of the gnomes, threatens to rise back up and take over the world, Andrew and Rose find themselves in almost over their heads. With trusty blades (and the occasional poundcake) in hand, however, they find the power to defeat the monster and restore order to both the Otherworld and their own.
Hello World! is a rollicking tale with memorable and endearing characters that will live on in the imagination of the reader. Fantastic encounters set against the backdrop of modern-day America will thrill fantasy aficionados, as well as anyone who loves a good adventure story.”
What do you think? If you read such a description on a book jacket, would you want to read it?

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